In the late 1890s, respiratory health problems were a public health concern as unclean air and urban living were thought to bring on an epidemic of tuberculosis. So in 1908, two Scottish doctors, Dr. Pauline and Dr. Margaret Morton, arrived from Rochester, NY and built this lodge as a getaway retreat and treatment centre for tuberculosis. It was then called The Nor’Loch Lodge. The name Nor’Loch Lodge was chosen to recognize the Scottish term for the north bay of the lake. With its clean fresh air, enviable views of the lake, tucked far away from the highly industrialized urban city, it was the perfect spot for those who seek restorative care.

Many of the tourists who came to spend their summers at Nor’Loch also came from Rochester, where the two doctors had come from.

In 1918, the lodge began operating as an all-season cottage rental resort. Over the years, the lodge was renamed and renovated periodically. From Nor’Loch, it became Bristlecone Lodge.

The Lodge became so popular that many small tent-like cabins with wood floors and canvas tops were built around the Main Lodge. These cabins were later shingled and walled to become the cabins you see on the grounds today.

In 2016, under new ownership, the lodge was once again renamed The Lake of Bays Lodge. The name was chosen because it is strategically located right at the edge of Muskoka’s beautiful Lake of Bays.     

Today, The Lake of Bays Lodge remains a well sought-after choice of accommodation for all seasons, catering to family vacations, romantic getaways, seasonal events, weddings, and meetings all year round. It continues to attract guests from around the world, where they can make unforgettable memories.

From the Lodge’s private beach, you can relax on a Muskoka chair and admire the picturesque view of the lake.  Against the backdrop of a tall lush pine forest, you can take in breathtaking sunsets, canoe down the lake and find amazing granite cliffs and waterfalls, or explore quaint towns located nearby. The Lake of Bays Lodge is dedicated to providing the highest level of hospitality service with the utmost care, and strives to make your Muskoka experience a memorable one!